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Ohanahaus: a casa ti in Oklahoma

Monday, August 11, 2008

Closure and Freedom

Today we closed on the sale of Rothbury, finally. In this market we're fortunate we were able to sell, thankful for the little things. We're still not completely packed, the theory was that we'd be all done and out by 5P. Guess that was wishful thinking, we'll see.

John, my nurse, came for his last in home visit this afternoon. Doc issued a DC order and I got my PIC line out today. FREEDOM! I had a lot of anxiety about the removal process, I don't really remember much about the insertion as I was under the influence of heavy medication and otherwise unbearable pain. John told me it wouldn't hurt, "the worst part will be taking off the tape", but somehow having a tube pulled through my vein seemed like it would at least be very uncomfortable. He was right, the tape removal was the worst part, the line came out without any discomfort though it was strange to watch :-/


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Everything must go!

Ohanahaus is a new chapter; almost everything about it will be new. The place, the house itself, appliances, furniture... everything. Time to get rid of a bunch of stuff but how? Yard sale!

We've never had a yard sale, or any kind of sale for that matter, much less at our home. Wait, this isn't our home anymore right. Signs are not really our thing, and with the boy, advertising where you'll be sleeping didn't seem well advised. What to do, where will the buyers come from? Will anyone actually be interested? Craig's List!

We took a bunch of pictures of the items we wanted to sell, posted an ad omitting our address but leaving a phone number to call us for directions (a way of pre-screening people). Well it worked; we sold all the premium items, mostly to pre-qualified buyers on Saturday. Then Saturday night, knowing we'd moved into Edward safely away from the loonies, we posted the address for the Sunday blow out. Sunday from 9A to 1P the ad stated, call for information. At about 7A the calls started - we sold everything and then some =)

Met some cool people, and avoided transporting, storing, and paying to haul away a house full of stuff we no longer needed - with cash to boot! Time to call 1800gotjunk.


Friday, August 8, 2008

Pods are here

Moving is a pain, at least it is for us. Add to which I am not supposed to lift more than 10lbs - doctors orders, and you have the makings of a long weekend.

We've been in this house, Rothbury, for 6 years plus we have all the stuff we managed to move from the last few places we lived. U-Haul, been there done that... when we moved to Vegas we rented a truck, packed it up only to realize 10 minutes before U-Haul closed that we needed more space. A fast dash back to U-Haul, not really, we had to take the truck so we could get a trailer add on - saved the day, but no fun.

This time we decided to go with Pods, they drop containers right in front of your place, you load them up at your own pace, then they pick them up - easy enough. The Pods people store the containers in a secure facility until you are ready for them, then transport and deliver them directly to your new location - perfect for us.

All sorts of things fascinate kids, but I have to admit the Pods system is pretty cool to me too. What a good idea.

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4 days down, 4 to go

This past Monday was the start of my first full week back at work after what can only be described as the most significant life changing experience I have ever been through... next to the birth of my boy, and marrying Rebe =)

This coming Monday is our last day at Rothbury. The end of an era, we say goodbye to 6 years in Las Vegas and head to Oklahoma to begin building our new home. There is much to say, much to share... alas time is short for the next few days. Stay tuned.



Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Our Project Costs

This is where the Ohanahaus project costs are detailed.

We'll separate them out between "basic" items that make up the kit project and "extra" items. For example, in our kit house costs we will list the kit, contractor, systems, etc. but our outbuilding costs or landscaping costs won't be in that basic category. This post will be updated as we go.

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