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Easy, Green Things YOU Can Do: Affordable Green House

Around Your Home

  • Purchase Green Light Bulbs (But make sure you dispose of them properly!)
  • Use cloth instead of paper Napkins
  • Stop using Paper Towels, use Rags to clean
  • Purchase and use cloth grocery bags
  • Yogurt Making Supplies Why make your own yogurt? I'll tell you why. Are you aware that the containers sold in stores are not recyclable? And how much yogurt do YOU eat?
  • Take it to the Shower! Place a Large Pail in the shower. As you Wait for the cold water to warm, the pail collects the otherwise wasted water. I then take a smaller pail and bail it out into my watering can, and transfer that greywater into the garden.
  • Have fun! Explore the use of Non-electric utencils like washers, food processors, and more.
  • Wash your clothes in cold water, line dry your clothes in Summer, floor Dry in Winter. See Laundry products here.
  • Conserve Water: Don't flush the toilet every time you use it.
  • go composting! And Learn about Greywater Re-use.
  • And with that Compost, enrich your dirt and Grow More Vegetables, less lawn!
  • Change filters, clean your vents. This can save you 10 percent a year.
  • Why Use Plastic Wrap? For leftovers use clear-topped lids that come with oven-proof casserole dishes... for smaller things use a cereal bowl and top it with a bread plate- fits perfectly!
  • Update and tune up your heating system. This can reduce your heating costs by 10 percent a year.
  • replace your refridgerator! Older fridges are much less energy-efficient.
  • Use your Solar Cooker instead of your oven
  • Non-Electric Floor Sweeper Why use an electric dust-buster?
  • Sunlawn Reel Lawn Mower Mow your lawn without using gas!
  • Seal your windows and doors.
  • Purchase a programmable thermostat, which regulates different temperatures at different times of the day.
  • Ceiling fans, instead of using an air conditioner on milder days, can reduce your cooling costs by more than half.

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