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casa ti Prototype:
Off-the-Grid, Net Zero Modern 1,200 square ft., 3 bedroom, green house.

Zero energy, radiant heat, rainwater cistern, passive solar, solar energy and more: modern housing affordable design and plans for preserving small lands.
See casa ti floor plan and details- click here

Modern green design architect

Casa ti Prefab-ulous Modern House is under Construction!

The actual house kit (structural insulated panels) is complete, the cladding, doors, and windows installed- but now the rest of the house needs to be completed (inside finishing, systems...).

I'm putting everything on our green building blog, click here to see house kit construction videos, pictures, updates, and more! (Yes, more, I tend to digress onto non-architectural non-mod subjects... hey, it's my blog, I can blah blah blah if I want to! ; ) )  

Here are a few pictures of the Virginia casa ti exterior with modern metal siding on it:

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